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Training knives that let you train the way you fight!

Nok Hard Contact Short Blade Tactics Training

If your are visiting Thailand plan to come train with us. I offer private ,semi private and group seminars in short blade tactics and the Nok Talon Fighting Method. I will help you with hotels and pick pick you up at the air port. It's very easy to fly into Udon Thani from Bangkok. We have over thirty years combined experience in short blade tactics.  Email me at [email protected] for more information

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  • "no modern self defence system should neglet training in the knive Knive training can improve anyones skill set as it teaches timing, reflexs, distance,the one hit-one stop conc..."
    nasir bourgheya
  • "Nok Hard Contact Trainers are the best force on force training blades on the market! They are hard enough to emphasize the pain needed to stimulate a a response and forgiving en..."
    Koki Wong
    Combatives Practitioner