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Nok Hard Contact Training Knives

Training knives that let you train the way you fight!

  In 2003 Guro Randall Hodges of the AMOK! Knife Fighting System and I developed the concept and design of the Nok Hard Contact Training Knife. When you purchase Nok Knives you are sure you are buying training knives that are the highest quality, hand made one at a time by me, and from the person that originated the design and concept.

Nok Training Knives have a hard core so they won't flop in your hands during paired drills and disarms. They have the stopping power you look for when you're sparring. I add double layers of padding on the edge of the knife to keep from chipping bone on hard contact hits. Slim profile like a live blade. Firm handle that fits all grips blade in or blade out. Double padded butt end for striking and in close work.

My training knives are well thought out and well fought out. They will bring your training to a whole new level of excitement.

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Napassorn Hodges (Nok)


Why you need a Nok Hard Contact Training Knife

Napassorn (Nok) Hodges founder of Nok Hard Contact Training Knives

Nok's Disclaimer

You don't have to have the brains God gave a duck to know that knife training is dangerous. Take two warriors pit them against each other with the only rules being, there are no rules, cheat to win, and death or injury may be the result no matter what they have in their hands.

Nok Hard Contact Trainers are built stiff with a minimal amount of padding to mimic the stopping power of a real blade. You should check you training blade before each fight and if worn or damaged use the money you would otherwise buy cigs, booze, illegal substances, chase wild women, or eat fatty foods with and order a new Nok Trainer.

The best way to avoid personal injury with a Nok Trainer is to hit him and not let him hit you. Questions? email me at [email protected]