Nok Hard Contact Training Knives

Training knives that let you train the way you fight!


Quotes Nok Hard Contact Trainers are the best force on force training blades on the market! They are hard enough to emphasize the pain needed to stimulate a a response and forgiving enough not to lose an eye. They are solid enough to practice disarms in full opposition, they will not bend or break and yet soft enough to allow you to take a max full pressured strike to the body. "Pain without the injury" is a motto I use in training and is easily achieved using the Nok... and your training partner will appreciate it! Nok trainers are an excellent tool to help you in your journey to becoming more proficient with a blade. Thank you, Nok and Randy! AMOK! Quotes
Koki Wong
Combatives Practitioner

Quotes The Nok training knives are the best we ever tried for their solidity, safety and realism. More and more schools in Europe are adopting them to replace wooden and plastic flexible models. We've tried them hard for two years and they're perfects. Quotes
Patrick Vincent
Self protection former

Quotes Nok's knives are THE best tools for training in knife fighting. There is nothing else like them to completely simulate knife fighting while remaining safe. Besides being the best on the market, dealing with Nok is great experience as well. She has consistently provided me with outstanding service, and the custom pieces that she has made for me are absolutely beautiful! Thanks Nok! Quotes
Joel Martinez

Quotes Without a doubt, Nok Hard Contact Training Knives are the best in the market for realistic, full on, force-on-force combat training. I have been using these knives for 5 years now and I am an extremely satisfied customer. Great product and definitely without par. Keep up the good work Nok. Quotes
Best knives for training

Quotes I want to push for all the Nok Hard Contact Training Knifes. They are very stable and well-made and can NOT! be compared with the cheap Chinese-made crap knives that most martial arts stores sell. When we started training with these products it changed the way we train dramatically - when you can spar really hard in a realistic way without risking unnecessary injury. The custom made products and the wooden made self-defense tools are also very nice - highly recommended. / Fredrik Norlund Quotes
Hard Contact Trainers

Quotes no modern self defence system should neglet training in the knive Knive training can improve anyones skill set as it teaches timing, reflexs, distance,the one hit-one stop concept,strategy,pacing,hard-core stress management all in one system.Tom sotis amok! blade art is quite simply one of the martial arts worlds greatest kept secrets and randys noks knives are like the best training aids on this planet for all blade related systems Quotes
nasir bourgheya